Servo motors

Field of application: Conveyor systems, handling and assembly facilities, machines for optical media, measuring and inspecting apparatus and similar devices, machine tools, metalworking machinery, packaging machines, textile machines, plastic manufacturing machines and winders.
Nominal torque: 0,1Nm to 70Nm

Product description

AC Servomotors are the link between conventional three-phase-asynchronous motors and dynamic synchronous-servomotors. They cover a torque range from 0.1 Nm to 70 Nm - a wide spectrum of typical servo applications. With the compact design, low mass moments of intertia and quick installation, they are indeed cost-effective and dynamic.

Optional encoders, such as resolver or optical rotary encoders provide a very accurate RPM, exact positions or for the highest possible dynamics. As an option, they can be equipped with an external fan or a parking brake.
Our matching Servo gear heads are efficient, very compact and integrate easily into your application. They can transfer high torques and defy large shearing forces.



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