We turn ideas into innovation.

Are you looking for an individualised solution? Then you are at the right place!

MSF-Vathauer enables you to develop a customer-specific new product or product adaptation

Your advantages:

  • Individualised task analysis
  • Individualised technical customer counselling
  • Individualised concept development
  • Individualised customer benefits / Individualised benefits for you and your customers
  • Individualised technology 
  • Individualised customer support
  • Excellent results

We can make all this possible due to:

  • Long-lasting experience in different industry sectors
  • Specialised engineers and highly-motivated staff
  • In-house construction and development
  • Producing your individualised solution through high vertical integration
  • Products "Made in Germany"

MSF-Individual offers you customised product design or project adaptation.

Our mechanical constructions, as well as our software and hardware development give us the possibility to design and develop your desired product. Short implementation times, fast decision-making processes and high flexibility with regard to your requirements enable us to react quickly and reliably.

Our highly-motivated and qualified team uses the latest design environments to ensure efficient engineering. At our in-house EMV-Lab we carry out measurements in order to implement development projects efficiently and customised to the client. Our know-how and decade-long experience are quality features that gives us competitive advantage.

Here you will obtain innovative and individualised solutions for your requirements – all of it "Made in Germany".

Supporting an idea goes all the way from concept creation and development of the prototype through series maturity in the hands of experienced engineers. This is how we develop individual components and marketable products for our customers.

We are a competent partner in the electronic development field, mechanical construction and component assembly. We deliver customer-specific projects using efficient engineering and technical innovations – satisfaction guaranteed!