Whether passenger elevators, panorama elevators, bed elevators, freight elevators or small goods elevators. In a constantly changing world, technical progress does not stop at elevator systems. Aspects such as environmental protection, costs and energy savings come into play here. Because in more and more buildings, passenger or freight elevators are being retrofitted or already taken into account in the object planning.

With our Energy Recovery System (ERS), the demands for energy efficiency and sustainability of elevator systems are taken into account. The generated energy is processed and fed back into the supply network, so that you can use our Energy Recovery System (ERS) to modernize your existing elevator system according to the latest energetic aspects in terms of energy recovery. In addition, the ERS is also used in new systems during property and system planning.


  •     Suitable for retrofitting in existing systems (passenger lifts, panorama lifts, bed lifts, goods lifts or small goods lifts).
  •     Suitable for use in newly planned elevators
  •     Small installation space with high power density for integration in the elevator shaft
  •     For wall mounting in the machine room or elevator shaft
  •     Very low heat development
  •     No additional filters or other EMC measures required
  •     Fast installation and automatic self-calibration before feedback
  •     Degree of protection IP20 or IP54 (optionally higher) thanks to the robust aluminum housing
  •     For traction elevators with asynchronous or synchronous motors
  •     Feedback power 5kW at 35% ED



  •  Reaction-free retrofitting of existing systems
  •     No filters or other EMC measures thanks to the latest circuit technology
  •     Quick and easy connection and installation in the machine room or elevator shaft
  •     Very low heat generation
  •     High efficiency of 98.5%
  •     Light weight