Rotary distribution controller

Field of application: 360° rotary distributor, Sorting facilities for injection moulding machines, Sorting small parts
Power Output: 0,75kW

Product description

The rotary distributor controller DSVT is the efficient solution for the automation of decentralized rotary distributor applications. The controller unifies application-specific functions, such as the counting of goods to be sorted or classified according to their position, as well as their exact location at any given time. to do this,  the rotary distribution controller causes your rotary distributor to move back and forth, so that short strokes can be adhered to. The sturdy aluminium housing works at the same time as a cooling body under protection class IP54, and with the standard integrated "Multi-Mounting" function it can be mounted in various positions on your machine. In the process, the rotary distribution controller recognizes the actual fitting position anzd automatically controls the two-button operator display, so that it also ensures the operating comfort.

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