Electronic motor brake devices

Field of application: Sawing machines, centrifuges, woodworking machines, textile machines, conveyor systems
Power Output: 2.2kW to 160kW

Product description

For this product, we have applied MSF-Vathauer's profound expertise in mechanical and electronics drive traction technology, as well as the long-lasting experience in designing applications. The BR3 electronic DC brake with protection class IP20 has been designed to snap onto a 35 mm standard rail in a control cabinet. Thanks to the terminal arrangement suitable for switchgear connection, as well as its compact design, the BR3 fits into any control cabinet and is also perfectly suitable for retrofitting plants.

The electronic DC brake BR3 is the cost-effective alternative to brake machines and systems, particularly in those cases where the deceleration time has to be shortened due to safety reasons or time constraints. The BR3 enables the wear-free brake process of your asynchronous motors which increases the safety of your systems.




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