Frequency inverter Stainless Steel

Hygienics Frequency inverter VECTOR basic

The Hygienics VECTOR basic frequency inverter impresses with its simple operation and its integrated additional functions.

The device settings are made via a 2-button operating concept. The built-in 7-segment LED display shows all device settings. The advantage of this operating concept is the easy and safe readability of the display and operability, even with hidden and inaccessible installation of the device in the application. All required device parameters can be individually adapted to the requirements in specified value ranges and stored in the device. The engine speed is also set by the 2-button operating concept. The set motor speed is stored in the device and retrieved reproducible in case of power failure. The device parameters preset in the device ensure immediate operation after connecting the supply voltage and the motor.

Restart stop

The integrated function of the restart stop prevents a restart after loss of the mains voltage through an EMERGENCY STOP switch. When the mains voltage is restored, the frequency converter must be switched on again by the operator by means of the power button. Thus, this device meets the required machinery directive at no extra charge.

Built in stainless steel case

Protection degree: IP66

Stainless steel material AISI 316L

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