Frequency inverter Stainless Steel

Hygienics Frequency inverter VECTOR 20-G1

The VECTOR 20 - G1 is a frequency inverter with integrated vector control. By using add-on modules, the VECTOR 20 - G1 achieves features that allow a regulated drive with dynamic AC servomotors or positioning tasks. The frequency inverter VECTOR 20 - G1 is available in the following versions

- 0.09 KW to 2.2 KW 1-phase (230 V)

- 0.75 KW to 3 KW 3-phase (400 V)

- Degree of protection: IP66

-Material: Stainless steel AISI 316L

The dimensions of the stainless steel housing vary depending on the individually created housing and dimension

You can download the entire "Hygienics" product catalog here

Optionally realize process sequences without an upper level controller

The frequency inverter VECTOR 20 - G1 with the integrated LOGO-CARD realizes process sequences in machines without a modified upper Level system control. The process sequences stored in the LOGO-CARD cover a large number of standard processes. Via a selection switch a total of 8 stored process sequences can be easily realized. Further, customer-specific process sequences can also be created and stored in the LOGO-CARD.


You can download the entire "Hygienics" product catalog here

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